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I Vend Direct provides professionally managed food and beverage vending services. We are a full service vending company that has been providing professional vending service throughout the golden horseshoe from the Niagara region in the south to the greater Toronto area in the east and north to Barrie since 1991.

Through our managed vending services you will enjoy state of the art vending merchandisers installed on your premises at no cost to you. We will ensure the equipment is well maintained - clean and in good working order at all times. We will keep the merchandisers stocked with a selection of products tailored to your location.

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I Vend Direct provides vending merchandisers for snacks, cold drinks, hot brewed beverages, refrigerated prepared foods and frozen foods. In addition we provide convenient and cost effective office coffee services.

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From Barrie in the north, Toronto in the east, Brantford
in the west and the Niagara region in the south.